How to Order a Sheftic Pressure Board

My name is Mark Sheftic, the inventor and creator of the Sheftic Pressure Board.  I have been teaching Ground Reaction Forces (how your feet interact with the ground) for a long time.  The major obstacle in teaching is to create a feel that the student can relate to.  A golfer learning how to shift your pressure is not as easy as you may think.  The individual is learning a new motor pattern which requires learning a new sequence of motion.  Learning this motion helps to creates efficiency (effortless power).  I can promise you that my pressure board will teach you, how to shift your pressure, the correct amount and the timing/sequencing.

I now have over 30 top 100 teachers currently using the pressure board.
2 PGA tour players currently train with
Over 600 PGA Professionals are having great success all over the country.

Everyone that buys a Sheftic Pressure Board I invite to my facebook page - Pressure Board Users
Pressure Board Users is about application.  I ask my fellow PGA professional to post parts of live lessons.  I am constantly posting parts of my live lessons to show how I teach.  

Juniors, Seniors, Women and Men have all experienced success so its a tool for everyone.

Below is how to Order.
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