Flight Scope X2

The most advanced teaching and fitting tool

Where performance meets endurance

•FlightScope X2 is the world’s first completely wireless, battery-operated, 3D Doppler tracking radar for golf.
•The X2 is known for its unmatched accuracy, affordability, and revolutionary apps.
•Side-by-side video and club or ball data comparison is available on the FlightScope
•VX2 app and fully customizable assessments in the Skills app for player benchmarking

Absolute comparison
How much or how little you want to analyze is up to you

Compare specific clubs in your bag with average club performance stats included

Individual player results can be tracked and compared

Compare brands to find the most suitable ball, with optional advanced ball fitting mode

Free play of shots without the need to setup a complete session

Practice and measure slow and short distance shots

Perfect your swing without having to hit balls