Bodi Trak Pressure Mat


Center of Pressure is the average of all the pressure points between your feet and the ground at any given point in time. Using the BodiTrak system, this is either captured on a 'Static' basis or presented during a golfer's swing  for 'Live' review.

To better understand COP, think in terms of the vertical forces which occur between someone's foot and the ground. We are looking at the measurement of those forces, and how that changes over time (during a swing).


The current position of your COP will appear as a white dot at any given point during a captured golf swing. The White COP Dot will have a trace line attached to it, referred to as your COP Trace. The COP Trace can be reviewed in real time, by stopping the video at any particular point in a golfers swing.

By capturing data on both the X and Y axis you effectively now can begin to understand the correlation between Swing Path and Weight Distribution.


1. Static Positions

Observe your students begin to “Quantify Feel“ as they use the Monitor while standing on the mat and you assist them getting into the correct set up positions for all shots: driver, putting, chipping, side hill lies etc - indoors and outdoors. The mat (8 lbs) is so portable that it can be taken virtually anywhere and used live on the golf course in real world shot conditions.

2. Live Full Swing Data Capturing

By using sound to capture impact we can now begin to explore the swing in terms of when the transition to the backswing occurs and time to impact.

The relevant COP Traces are included in the COP Manual and the general outcome of the shot pattern for each trace. But keep in mind that a golf shot can be influence by more than just COP trace, compensating hand positions and different levels of hand eye coordination all play a role in the outcome of any shot.








Testimonial from two of my students Don and Hana Callaghan: 

Hana and I are writing in support of BodiTrak.  Until Mark Sheftic demonstrated this revolutionary new product to us we believed that our balance and weight shifting was doing just fine.  Once on the Boditrak it was obvious to us that we were wrong.  Hana discovered that she was not making the right/left weight shift at the top of the swing - she was late and that
precipitated a cut tendency.  I was sure that my set-up was perfectly balanced but BodiTrak showed me that this was off by over 20% - an 80/20 set up.   There was no way for me to get to the right properly from this position and my move from the top was way off balance.

 It is amazing to us how difficult it is to self-assess subtle things like weight and balance.  Once your habits are so ingrained that you just can not imagine what your pro is telling you and he can’t see or prove that there is a problem until you get on the BodiTrak mat.  

 The other great thing about the mat is that it is so unobtrusive.  Kind of like TrakMan - the Boditrak gives you feedback without interfering with your set-up or swing.

 We also think that the BodiTrak will be a great teaching aid for new golfers.  Weight and balance are easy to describe but the immediate feedback should make learning the proper set-up and shifts needed much easier.  

Donald Callaghan