Teaching Philosophy

Being the Teaching Professional at Merion Golf Club has been the most exciting and rewarding time of my life.  I am surrounded by all types of students (men, women, juniors and seniors) that I share my passion of golf.  The first thing I do is try to get my students to understand what golf should mean to them.  I determine their skill set, create realistic expectations and evaluate their time management skills.  I want my students to work smarter not
harder.  Also, I work with each student to develop a partnership to formulate an improvement plan we can build on in the future.

Most people may think that my job is to help lower scores with a better swing.  I feel my job is much more than that.  My goal is to help students understand that the game of golf is a life long journey and encourage them to have great experiences on the course. Along with that, I foster a love for the game and
impact their play.  Lastly, the biggest impact I try to make at my facility is to reach out to all my students and encourage, promote, teach and build a special bond that will create a very positive experience which helps create a deep love for the game of golf.

To create a positive impact to all my students, I work hard in developing different ways to reach all different learning styles.  For a visual learner, I use my video system with the option of a DVD that he or she can take home of the entire lesson.  For the kinestic learner, I utilize training aids and build work stations to help he or she develop a feel for the expected outcome.  For the audio learner, I encourage the student to repeat back to me what
I am asking the student to do in his or her own words. Whatever the particular case may be, I support open communication with the mission of reaching the
desired and realistic goal or goals together, as a partnership that best fit the individual.

                                  Major influences in my Career as a Professional, a Player and a Teacher

1) Ted Sheftic (my father)

2) Roy Pace

3) Scott Nye

4) Dr. Rob Neal