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How Can This Website Help You?

Begin by asking yourself, what does golf mean to you?  Is it a casual round with some friends for exercise or fresh air with no bearing on the score?   Or is it working towards your highest level with the intention of walking inside the ropes in tournament play?

Everyone will answer the proposed question with a different answer and express a personal view on why and how golf should be played.  Some players are more serious, some are more scientific and some play for business and/or social reasons.  All responses are correct and share one common goal… everyone is striving to get better.

That is the key to this website… improvement!  This website will help you as a golfer get organized, map out a plan of attack and guide you along the way with long and short term goals.   Each student will receive a locker to track stats, measure progress, store video lessons, capture pictures and moments (most people are visual learners), and analyze equipment.  The locker system will offer each student a different perspective on his/her golf game but ultimately show growth in everyone’s game. 

In addition, this website will provide current golf news, information on events, equipment, golf schools and instructional support.  By utilizing all aspects of this site, your overall game will improve and I will be accessible for support!

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  • Calab is on his way to States
    Posted 6 years ago
    Congratulations to Calab Ryan on his resent success.  After a tough process of getting through Districts and Regionals, Calab with another top 10, qualifies for the 2016 Pennsylvania Golf Championship held at Heritage Hills.   Calab has continued his impressive play through out this summer with fall being no different.  I am extremely proud of this young man and the dedication he puts forth in being the best.  Calab will compete at Heritage Hills next week with some of the fines players in the state.  Go get them buddy, you have all the talent to get it down.  
  • Sean Getting Confidence Back
    Posted 6 years ago
    Wanted to let you know how things are going. In the last week and a half, I've shot more under par nines than I have in a long time. In fact, I shot -4 on the front nine yesterday. During the Siegel match play qualifying I shot 78-76 but had a ton of birdie putts. Things are looking up, confidence is going in the right direction. Thanks for all of the help. 
  • Merion Ladies Club Champion
    Posted 6 years ago
    Congratulations to Catherine for winning the Merion Club Championship.   Catherine beat a strong field of women with some great play.  I enjoy our time together and keep up the good work. 
  • Meghan Qualifies for US Girls Junior.
    Posted 6 years ago
    Meghan Fahey qualifies for here first USGA event.  She will be heading to Ridgewood CC a week from today to compete in the US Girls Junior.  I am so proud of her and the hard work she puts in.  Meghan is a very talented lady that I love spending time with.  Confidence is going in the right direction and love your work ethic.  Your success is no surprise.   
  • Jake wins at in the Philadelphia Junior Tour
    Posted 6 years ago
    I want to congratulate Jake on his latest win in the Philadelphia Junior Tour.  Jake placed 1st in a strong field firing a 1 under 69.   Very proud of you Jake.  The game is starting to take shape and your believing in your ability.  This is your first tournament round in the 60's so we reached a milestone.   The sky is the limit.