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Mark Sheftic, PGA
2011 Philadelphia Section Teacher of the Year

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         How Can This Website Help You?

Begin by asking yourself, what does golf mean to you?  Is it a casual round with some friends for exercise or fresh air with no bearing on the score?   Or is it working towards your highest level with the intention of walking inside the ropes in tournament play?

Everyone will answer the proposed question with a different answer and express a personal view on why and how golf should be played.  Some players are more serious, some are more scientific and some play for business and/or social reasons.  All responses are correct and share one common goal… everyone is striving to get better.

That is the key to this website… improvement!  This website will help you as a golfer get organized, map out a plan of attack and guide you along the way with long and short term goals.   Each student will receive a locker to track stats, measure progress, store video lessons, capture pictures and moments (most people are visual learners), and analyze equipment.  The locker system will offer each student a different perspective on his/her golf game but ultimately show growth in everyone’s game. 

In addition, this website will provide current golf news, information on events, equipment, golf schools and instructional support.  By utilizing all aspects of this site, your overall game will improve and I will be accessible for support!

Recent Golf News

Swing emergency? Fix it with #HelpMeGolfDigest

23 Apr 2014 04:55:43 Z

By Matthew Rudy General tips from the game's best instructors are great, but everybody needs a one-to-one swing intervention from time to time. It doesn't matter if you're topping tee shots, shanking wedges, leaving it...

Florida's Buddy Alexander to retire after more than 30 years in college coaching

23 Apr 2014 04:55:43 Z

By Ryan Herrington Florida's Buddy Alexander has always been a no-nonsense college golf coach, and he continued to display this dominating trait even in the wake of his decision to retire after 27 seasons in...

A golf company that qualifies as a 'great growth stock'?

23 Apr 2014 04:55:43 Z

By Peter Finch Shares in ClubCorp have been popular among investors, and lately the company has been getting some love in the financial media, too. Barron’s offered a glowing appraisal of the golf course owner/operator over...

Harry Styles gets lesson from Dave Stockton Jr., father of the year

23 Apr 2014 04:55:43 Z

By John Strege The father of the year is the dad who introduces his 15-year-old daughter to Harry Styles, lead singer of the popular boy band, One Direction. Accordingly, Dave Stockton Jr. staked his claim...

Report: Lindsey Vonn and Elin Nordegren are "close friends"

23 Apr 2014 04:55:43 Z

By Luke Kerr-Dineen Who says burned bridges can't be mended?Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren and current girlfriend Lindsey Vonn have become friends, according to a report in Us Weekly.When Nordegren discovered that Vonn would...

The Grind: Kuchar gets a jacket, hornets terrorize, and Jimenez shows his youth

23 Apr 2014 04:55:43 Z

By Alex Myers Welcome to another edition of The Grind, where we never thought the week after the Masters could be so exciting. The guy who could have won at Augusta and the girl...

Peter Dawson, now set to retire in 2015, has served the R&A well in a time of transition

23 Apr 2014 04:55:43 Z

By John Huggan News that the R&A's first-ever chief executive, Peter Dawson, will retire from his post in September 2015 after 16 years on the job comes as no real surprise. With golf in...

This might be the best golf/baseball hybrid trick shot we've ever seen

23 Apr 2014 04:55:43 Z

By Keely LevinsSports Center Top 10 Plays tweeted out this vine by David Cramblitt on Tuesday, and we're pretty impressed. How to make golf fun http://t.co/y3HC0gbIi3— SC Top 10 Plays (@SCTopPlays) April 22, 2014 Obviously the...

People in Vermont really seem to like Tiger Woods

23 Apr 2014 04:55:43 Z

By Luke Kerr-Dineen There aren't many surprises among the names of the most popular athletes in the United States.In a list of most-googled athletes provided by BestTickets, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather...

To purists who dislike 15-inch cups: marble greens are not pure either

23 Apr 2014 04:55:43 Z

By Geoff Shackelford Self-described "purists" have been dismissing Hack Golf's push for 15-inch cups. While I admire those who want to protect the integrity of our courses and rules, let's get something straight: The...

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About Me
Besides driving the ball and working with students to improve their golf game, I enjoy spending time with my family.  Nicole and I met seven years ago and have enjoyed the theatre, music events, outdoor activites and our car ride conversations.  Ty was born in 2009 and opened my eyes to parenting.  This young man is humorous, athletic, witty and is the "candyland champion" of the Sheftic house! I was blessed with a daughter, Taylor, in 2012 and she wins the cutest kid award with her three dimples.   Life has been busy and exhausting but extemely rewarding!!  

Kudos to all the grandparents for their help and support!!
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Mark Sheftic
Merion Golf Club
450 Ardmore Ave
Ardmore Pa, 19003
Cell: 484-919-6048
Office: 610-642-5600 Ext: 3951            
Email: marksheftic@meriongolfclub.com